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A guide to Juniper and McKown Point Activities

Welcome to Juniper and McKown Point. We hope that you enjoy your stay in this beautiful and unique area of the Boothbay Region. 

On the Point, we have an Association that was established over 100 years ago, that maintains a number of recreational facilities, and that provides a wonderful variety of activities for all age groups:  

Known as JPVIS (Juniper Point Village Improvement Society). It offers:

A Community House for all day drop-in, as well as scheduled weekly events for young people.

  • Two Boating Docks and Floats, plus tie-ups for dinghies.
  • A swim float off of the Juniper Point Beach. 
  • Four Red Clay Tennis Courts. 
  • A full time Tennis and Recreation Director who gives clinics and lessons for adults and juniors.
  • Various woods paths and right of ways. 

The use of the JPVIS facilities and the participation in its activities is reserved for its members. We welcome and encourage renters to join so that they may take advantage of these wonderful resources. 

  • Please note that the membership of the owner of a rental house does not entitle renters the use of the Association facilities. Renters must purchase a separate membership.
  • Membership may be purchased for various time frames: full season, 3 weeks, two weeks or one week.
  • There are separate, additional charges for dinghy tie-up, kayaks and paddle board storage, and for tennis court use and lessons.

Application for membership may be completed on-line at

Also attached are the Rules and Guidelines for using the Association facilities.  We ask that you read them thoroughly and indicate on your application that you agree to them.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the Point.

JPVIS Executive Committee and Membership Chairman


The Community House (CH) is open daily from 8AM-9PM, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Children 5 years old and younger must be supervised by an adult.
  • Before leaving the CH, you must return all equipment and furniture to its proper place.
  • You are responsible whether or not you made the mess.
  • Please lift, rather than push, furniture. This saves floors from unnecessary damage.
  • If you break equipment or furniture due to negligence, you are responsible for the cost to replace the equipment.
  • The Tennis/Recreation Director is responsible for the well-being of the facility and his/her decisions should be respected. 

Anyone wishing to use the CH for an organized event must:
  • Be a member.
  • Gain the approval of the Recreation Director and House Committee.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in the loss of the use of the CH for specified periods of time, as determined by the Recreation Director and the House Committee.

Vandalism of any kind will result in full payment for repairs and/or replacement of equipment, and potential loss of all privileges to use the CH.

We want everyone to enjoy this special facility and ask that you treat it with the respect and care you would show your own dwellings.  This will preserve it for the enjoyment of many generations to come.


  • The docks are for the private use of the JPVIS members and their guests.
  • Boat berths, kayak and paddle board storage spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis on receipt of payment.

Use of the Floats

  • Floats are for the exchange of passengers and gear and for short term tie-ups only (20 minutes maximum).
  • The ladders on each float must be kept clear, except for loading and unloading in order to permit unobstructed access.
  • Floats may not be used for storing gear, small boats, or kayaks.
  • Floats used for fishing must be left clean.
  • Jumping or diving off ramps or railings is prohibited.
  • Children under the age of 8 must wear a life preserver and be accompanied by an adult when on the floats, gangway and wharf.

Boat Owner’s Responsibilities

All boats must be:

  • Maximum of 13 ft. in length. Small boats are recommended.
  • Clearly marked with owner’s name so he/she can be notified if there are problems with their boat.
  • Equipped with adequate rail fender guards.
  • Tied with a minimum of 5 feet of scope (Juniper Landing only.)
  • Bailed promptly.
  • Left with oarlocks down.

Members are responsible for ensuring that children, guests and renters know and abide by the rules.


At the end of Cedar Lane is a privately owned beach that may be used by all on Juniper and McKown Point. 

  • The beach is not owned by the Association
  • The swim float, off the beach, is JPVIS owned and maintained.
  • Swimming is at your own risk.
  • Children under the age of 10 should be adult supervised.
  • Power boats are not allowed inside the Juniper dock. The area between the dock and beach is a swim area.
  • Kayaks and paddle boards may be launched from the beach and paddled around swim area.  Operator must be aware of swimmers and bathers.
  • The beach owners allow us access to the beach with specific guidelines for its use:

Please do not walk down the field to get to the beach.

Access to the beach is only via the right of way granted to visitors. This access can be found via the small path and stairs at the far right end of the field.

If kayaks or paddle boards are on the beach, they should not be visible to the owners in the house at the head of the field.

  • Tuck sports equipment against base of sea wall.
  • Kayaks and paddle boards may not be stored or left overnight on the beach.

Thank you for complying.

Contact us: 



PO Box 498

87 McKown Point Rd.

West Boothbay Harbor,

ME 04575

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